Perforated rubber sandals for almost Rs 40,000. Would you buy this Gucci?

Indian Business Express

New Delhi [India], June 6 (ANI): Sliding the casual look into their latest summer slip-on sandals, Gucci has launched pebble-textured rubber mules in both men and women categories.

The luxury fashion brand has priced its newly rolled out footwear at USD 420 (for men at around Rs 30,660) and USD 470 (for women at around Rs 34,000). Resembling Crocs, this all-new slip-on sandal has been launched in three different shades in both categories.

In Men’s category, the sandal comes in black, red and bright blue colours with rubber sole. Whereas, in the Women’s category, it is available in again black, lilac and white with rubber platform lug sole.

Gucci’s slip-on sandal is made of “perforated rubber” and is designed in a way to give it a premium leather look. It has finished with smooth detailing around the perimeter of the opening.

Sandal’s visible surface is covered with Gucci’s emblematic interlocking “GG” logo which the company’s website described as “the monogram appears as a cut out motif atop these black rubber sandals.”

Elsewhere, we find a tonal sole unit that’s stitched around the top and, for the sole, has been given a heavy tread. The deep nodules give the slip-ons a formal look that’s often found throughout Gucci’s footwear line, while Gucci branding on the outsole and the footbed rounds out the pair, according to men’s fashion website HYPEBEAST. (ANI)