Ladakh Mountaineering Association organises Ice Climbing festival at Gangles Village

Indian Business Express

Ladakh [India], Feb 2 (ANI): Bringing a cheer for the adventure enthusiasts, Ladakh Mountaineering Association on Sunday organized an Ice climbing festival at Gangles Village.

The beautiful landscape of Ladakh is not short of greenschist boulders and Ice climbing involves ascending of those ice formations.

Ladakh is one that travel-friendly place which allows the travellers to take the pleasure of Mountain climbing.

The festival that was organised at the Gangles Village provided rich space for Mountain climbing, where many climbers showed interest in taking part.

The climbers who were to participate in the Ice climbing festival included a mixed crowd of both men and women.

Equipping the knowledge of the trick and knacks of ice climbing from the guide and taking the proper protective gear, many climbers set their way for Ice climbing. (ANI)